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Help Cycadfriends grow!

Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 11:19 am
by Louis Eloff
This public topic is in the interest of generating financial support for the Cycadfriends NPO with registration number 119-661 NPO which is a public-benefit, non-profit organisation as defined in section 1 of the Non-Profit Organisations Act, 1997.

Please note: To visit links referenced in the post below, you have to become a registered member of this forum. Click HERE to register or contact The Team if you need help with registration.

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To contribute towards the growth and sustainability of this NPO, please consider one of the following options:

1∙Donate money:

Account Information (South Africa)

Account Name: Cycadfriends
Account Type: Current Account
Account Number: 62423561100
Bank Name: FNB
Branch Name: Lynnwood
Branch Code: 252-045
Reference: First 3 letters of name and surname + Forum, eg. LouEloForum

Please forward your proof of payment to

Kindly note that we do not currently make use of PayPal due to conversion rates, fees and lack of ZAR currency.

2∙Sell items via the auction-platform:

To add your products and services to the auction platform for specified periods, please send all the information to, eg.

1. Photo of the product
2. Expected price (reserve)
3. Quantity available
4. Delivery/Collection arrangements
5. Expiry date of the specific product's auction

NOTE: If the product requires permits to sell, please follow the process to become a Registered Seller by clicking on the following link
-> viewtopic.php?f=421&t=2053

You set the reserve price which is the price you want for your product, eg. 1 bag of compost with a reserve of R10. Anything above that amount becomes a donation towards Cycadfriends' growth and sustainability.

CLICK HERE to see the auction-platform

3∙Buy merchandise:

You can purchase Merchandise by clicking on the following link and posting in the relevant topics -> viewforum.php?f=414

Remember to use the banking details above when placing orders for merchandise.

4∙Participate in Games:

Take part in games such as SuperBru sports predictions and stand a chance to win some awesome prizes. Due to the fact that we do not have stock of our own as an organisation (yet), we rely on members of all shapes and sizes to be creative and donate some odds and ends - and sometimes very valuable and rare plants - for the purpose of creating fun-filled action and promoting our NPO. We also have participation fees and half of the funds are distributed among winners while the other half goes towards our NPO.

Go to the following link and look for active topics to join the action -> viewforum.php?f=36

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