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Cycadfriends Facebook Group

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Dear Guest,

Please Register to join this forum! If you love cycads, you will be content here ;)

Alternatively, our Facebook Group is for people who cannot always access the forum or who prefer to use the facebook platform to share thoughts and photos, ask questions and request Cycad species confirmation, etc.

Certain members of the Facebook Group also allow Cycadfriends to use their photos and information in the forum Cycad Project Database (*With photo credits). The Cycad Project Database consists of cycad-related topics sorted according to "species". Each species has a dedicated topic containing consolidated information about the relevant species (Community initiative: Work-in-Progrss). The forum projects will ensure that Facebook Group photos are indexed and searchable, encouraging better research - for whatever purpose :)

Cycadfriends Administrators, NPO Staff, Moderators and Committee Members manage and maintain all aspects of the Cycadfriends Facebook Group. All Cycadfriends conduct rules apply on the Facebook Group and we strive to spread the same caring atmosphere there that we have here on the forum ^-^

It is advised to make use of both the Cycadfriends Facebook group as well as this forum when engaging with members of the Cycadfriends community, as there is a mixture of skills on both sides *...ms15 Feel free to join our Facebook Page via the Image Link below:


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