Registered Traders

In order to manage the advertising of threatened or protected cycad species to the public via our platforms, we have partnered with nurseries across the country to ensure that no illegal transactions take place among the members of our online community. Registered Traders have the opportunity to engage with Official Cycadfriends, who have pledged their support for legal trade. Permits of Registered Traders have been verified and copies are on record to be presented at the request of a duly authorized government official.

We pledge our support towards the following Registered Traders and encourage others to join a system whereby we ensure that there is no reason to poach cycads from habitat. There are more than enough artificially propagated cycads available from honest, legal sellers, so people really have NO excuse to go to such great lengths as to destroy nature and contribute to the extinction of cycads that have survived several mass extinction events over the past few hundreds of millions of years.


Trader Supplier Registration

To become a Registered Trader on Cycadfriends platforms, complete the application form and send it along with your proof of payment and copy of Seller’s/Nursery Permit to or see THIS post on the forum!

– Website:
– Tel: 082 678 4766 (Elna) (Int. +27 82 678 4766)
– Email:
– Tel: 082 968 6412 (Jakkie) (Int. +27 82 968 6412)
– Email:
– GPS: 25°46’58.88″S 28∙27’55.00″E
– Address: Plot 69, Donkerhoek, Cullinan, South Africa
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