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Thank you for making use of the Cycadfriends Cycad Pricing Guide. We hope that you will benefit from this initiative.

Please note that the following prices are only a guide and that the price of a cycad depends on very specific circumstances such as the overall condition of the plant, whether it requires special equipment to be removed and transported, its physical location in terms of permit requirements, etc. The price is ultimately agreed on between the buyer and the seller, but it is still the seller’s prerogative how much he/she asks for the cycad. Our estimated price is only a guide mainly based on sales at recent large auctions. We do not take any responsibility for the utilization of these estimations and provide it free of ownership as it is merely a rough guide that can change without prior notice and should have no final effect on any sales and/or purchase agreement.


Species + 20% if the plant is female x total size in cm diameter or length of caudex

Pricing based on the following Auctions: (To be updated)

Cycad Africa – Hoedspruit August 2013

Cycad Africa – Brits November 2013

Cycad World of Innovations – November 2013

PLEASE NOTE: If the returned value is R0.00 then we do not have an updated price for that species.

Cycad Pricing Guide

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