Happy New Year 2016

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On behalf of the Cycadfriends admin body – all the moderators & administrators, NPO staff & the Committee, We wish to extend our greatest thanks to each and every person who contributed towards the forum and discussions related to Cycadfriends as a “movement” and it’s future, etc. Overall it appears as if real stability was achieved in 2015 – even in challenging conditions. We managed to get as far as appointing a committee who will oversee things going forward in the new year. Our platform is established enough with quite a wide interest base – that we can bolster a few of the areas to make it more professional – but that is just the gift wrapping paper and the ribbon. What really matters is what is inside the box and I think our forum and facebook pages are “up there” among the rest in terms of active content – and that is really all that is needed for us to thrive. It’s really just the contribution of each and every person here! As a small example, look at some of the views that we get on some photos :) It’s really nice to see – even though many people do not comment, they read the topics and view the photos – as proven by the stats. As long as we have that spark that creates interest in terms of cycad growing and conservation, we will only get better and better.

Thanks to each one for your patience and understanding during trying and busy times, for the sacrifices made to keep the ship sailing, for creating diverse topics that cause stirs and rattle bones, for being forgiving, for teaching others, you know I can go on forever. Those who have been around for a while now will understand – and hopefully those who have just joined will see. We trust and hope that 2016 will be the greatest one yet in every sense and that everyone’s cycads will grow wild and push hundreds of suckers and cones.

Hope you all have a safe new year’s eve and try not to spend the rest of the year in the garden! *...ms15
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