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Official Cycadfriends:

Become a proud member of the Cycadfriends community who, through an established Non-Profit Organisation stand together to directly influence matters pertaining to threatened or protected cycad species in terms of trade, ownership, transport, propagation and conservation. Through joining this community, you also pledge your support for legal trade only – and to bring your part when it comes to supporting government in the quest to provide and manage a sustainable environment, and to participate in the cause of conserving cycads in your own back yard ethically, morally, legally and honestly.

We strive to promote legal trade and vocally discourage poaching and the illegal trade in endangered cycad species. We understand and join the plight of fellow caring human beings and strive to exercise our constitutional right to enjoy the fruits of the land in a sustainable way. We are mostly casual conservationists, private growers, nursery owners, researchers, explorers, gardeners – each one with an individual voice – carrying our message through this Non-Profit, Public Benefit Organisation. Without the NPO, we cannot really petition or take an official stance collectively. Due to this, we decided to register the NPO to give people who are interested in contributing towards cycad conservation and the prevention of illegal trade an opportunity to engage with each other and with the authorities as an officially recognized entity.

The funds collected through membership fees are used towards continuous development of our NPO, to be able to source professional services to give us a fighting chance, as we do it for the love of cycads through volunteering, and do not enjoy any personal benefit besides knowing that people can reach others and address their concerns and share their stories of joy and excitement.

Our goal is to collect enough funds to be able to launch public campaigns to create awareness about what it is we are doing – and how the promotion of artificially grown cycads on the commercial market can potentially add millions of rands to our economy, creating many jobs and educational opportunities for our youth – and most importantly – taking pressure off of our remaining wild cycads.

Keep an eye out on the forum to see how the money is spent. We have some great initiatives planned for the near future and invite you to join us and pledge your support towards this very important cause. See below for more information.


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