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Forum LabelRemember to join our forum at or by clicking on the “Forum”-link in the menu above, to engage in conversations with like-minded enthusiasts across the world.

As we enter a new year, we embrace the thought of giving back more to society and to try and add our weight behind other existing initiatives aimed at preventing poaching and illegal trade of protected specimen of wild cycads. We also encourage community projects where we as a community can take advantage of the capabilities of social networks to engage and rally behind certain causes.

The place where most of these approaches are discussed, is on our community forum. This is our online meeting place, where we chill in our virtual lounges sipping on virtual umbrella drinks and eagerly sharing thoughts and ideas on the latest and greatest of cycad-related topics. It is our meeting room, where we as a community decide where we want to take this initiative! Some of us believe that by just having this forum, we are already contributing towards the conservation of cycads, due to the education people receive from each other in knowing how to:

∙ Apply for permits
∙ Care for their plants
∙ Grow cycads in tough conditions
∙ Pollinate, sow, Propagate!
∙ Identify cycads – including markings that might point to recent poaching
∙ Find someone who can provide personal assistance
∙ Buy, Sell, Auction cycads in a legal, trustworthy way – and obtain pollen from a network of individuals in a short space of time

We hope you will join our forum and bring up ideas on how we can improve the situation regarding cycads in a way that is best for all interested and affected parties, but mostly, for nature itself.

Cycadfriends is a registered Non-Profit- and Public Benefit Organization and exists solely for the benefit of the general public and not any members of its management structure. Our policy is to let the community decide by means of democratic and open polls for stipulated periods. If you know of a cycad-related problem that we as a community can assist to solve, feel free to start a topic on the forum so that everyone can provide input to get a general feel of the situation 🙂 Our platform is open to new ideas and we are keen to build a stronger network of Cycad bodies in 2015! We are proud to engage with and exchange links & information with individuals and people from groups and societies as significant as The Cycad Society, The Cycad Society of South Africa and Palm and Cycad Societies of Australia and strongly encourage everyone to join these groups and societies as members in 2015.

We look forward to building many bridges in the new year!

Kind regards,
Cycadfriends NPO

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