About Cycadfriends


Cycadfriends is a registered public-benefit, non-profit organization established for the following sole objective: To provide a platform for members of the public and specialized agencies to collectively raise awareness in terms of the conservation of cycads, primarily underlining the importance of ensuring that there is a constant, legal supply of artificially propagated cycads to supply the commercial demand, so that people do not have to resort to illegal means such as the poaching of threatened, protected, endangered and critically endangered wild specimen of cycads to sell to collectors and/or hobbyists.

In short, we promote conservation through artificial propagation of legally acquired/grown specimen and by actively discouraging the illegal trade of cycads. It is our part of the agreement with government when we commit to the hobby of collecting cycads. When we grow cycads in our gardens and sell the offspring to fellow collectors, it ensures that there is always stock available on the commercial cycad market, so that collectors do not have to move to inhumane acts such as degrading the quality and sustainability of nature for their own financial gain. We encourage commercial trade of legal specimen and will constantly call for the relaxation of  legislation governing legal trade of less threatened species so that they can become as common as a nice green lawn in gardens across the world.

An over-inflated stigma exists surrounding the collection of cycads and passes unfair judgment against those who aim to trade legally and responsibly, with the primary focus of caring for their own plants. The exaggeration of laws encourage exclusivity, which makes it difficult for people to acquire cycads legally, directly discouraging trade and propagation WHICH RESULTS IN THE DECREASE OF SUPPLY. It is NOT ILLEGAL to own a cycad if you have a possession permit. If this cycad is a CONING ADULT FEMALE plant, you have the opportunity to pollinate the cone which will yield offspring. IF YOU DO NOT POLLINATE THIS RARE FEMALE CONE, you have done a severe injustice of huge proportions towards the concept of conservation. This plant is busy going extinct in nature due to human greed, the inability to curb poaching and a lack of knowledge and resources…… IF YOU DO POLLINATE THIS RARE FEMALE CONE, you might find yourself with a few highly collectible seeds – yielded from legally owned plants, through your assistance with pollination. If these seeds/seedlings find their way onto the market so that people do not have to turn to s